Photo: Flickr/Cindy


When phone booths and pay phones were still tucked away in all corners of this province, they came along with a very familiar sight for us all - the Manitoba Telecom Services logo, or MTS. For some, just 3 italicized letters, for others, a very significant Manitoban element, both blending into the backdrop of our vast landscape.

Logos, especially the most iconic, pass through our line of sight everyday, so when a giant we all know as uniquely Manitoban - uniquely ours - goes away, it would be a shame not to give it the send off it deserves. MTS has been around since 1908 after all, almost 110 years.

Where did it go?

Once accessorizing one of our higher buildings in DTWPG; the bold and blue letters have taken a backseat to it’s new owner and is now BellMTS. Bell being the prominent “Bell-ement” of the logo, we, the logo enthusiasts that we are, are torn on whether to celebrate the refreshing typeface design, or to take a little extra time to mourn the loss of something exclusive to our province.

A look at past MTS logos:


And now welcoming: