With all the buzz around the recent unveiling of Google’s new logo, we decided to join the party and throw in our 2 cents about their new look for fall 2015.

1. It reminds us to take things a little less seriously

Many may argue that re-branding and modifying a company logo as many times as Google has can be identity suicide, but a strong brand knows how to play with their look whilst staying true to their character. We appreciate their fearless approach - keeping things fresh and exciting.

Google Logo 2015

2. It has a purpose

The unveiling comes with a digital function: To look better on smaller screens. With the amount of time we spend on our smartphones and tablets, it's easier on the eyes than it’s serifed predecessor. Wait - easier on eyes? We’ll take it.

3. People hate it

 “It looks the same.” “What’s the big deal?”  “Again?”  

The new identity has sparked conversation everywhere. From design blogs, to business articles, to the reactions of everyday folk, it has people talking about design. Love it or hate it, Google's new look proves that the hours spent searching for that perfect typeface is time well spent.