The Peg Authentic Brand.

Brand Development + Identity. Website Design
Photography Creative Direction. Photo Styling. 
Social Media Management + Strategy.


Established in 2013 in collaboration with Vancity Original Brand, The Peg Authentic Brand is a premier streetwear and lifestyle brand designed in Winnipeg, Canada. Inspired by the makers and stories of their city, our client creates high-quality clothing and accessories with the belief that everything is in the details.

Our client faced the challenge of launching a new brand in a new market, and we were handed the responsibility of conceptualization - starting with the name, right through to design, product photography, and e-commerce store launch. It was key to tell the brand story through powerful imagery and maintain authenticity among influencers from the beginning


The apparel design needed to emulate the existing aesthetic of Vancity Original Brand, while the brand story required a personality of it’s own. We achieved this through thoughtfully curated social media photography, brand and product photography, and a website design that is clean, simple and bold. Through select influencer product seeding, The Peg Authentic Brand generated infectious word-of-mouth, allowing individuals to help tell the brand story. 

  Toque Agency: The Peg Authentic Brand, Winnipeg, Charcoal Hoodie.
 Toque Agency: The Peg Authentic Brand, Winnipeg Product Images
  Toque Agency: The Peg Authentic Brand, Winnipeg, Leather Patch Beanie.
  Toque Agency: The Peg Authentic Brand, Winnipeg, Black Crew Sweatshirt.
  Toque Agency: The Peg Authentic Brand, Winnipeg, Premium Crew.

Photos: Luckygirl Photography