The Merchant Kitchen.

Brand Identity. Website Design.
Social Media Photography. Film and Photography Creative Direction.

Toque Agency: The Merchant Kitchen, Winnipeg, Blackened Whole Roasted Chicken.
Toque Agency: The Merchant Kitchen, Winnipeg, Mojito Cocktail.
Toque Agency: The Merchant Kitchen, Winnipeg, Mango Salad.
Logo Design


Restaurateur Bobby Mottola came to us with a vision worth two decades of dreaming. An elevated street food experience that would bring together his worldly travels, sampling food carts, and visiting the street markets of 21 cities and 14 countries. With a menu that would be inspired by Latin and Asian cultures, our client needed a design that was bold and iconic. The interior would boast luxurious fabrics, rich wood cabinetry and table tops, a white granite bar, and street mural of an iconic rooster typically seen in the streets of markets. Our challenge was to create an identity for online and print, that would live up to the flavours and spices of the menu, stunning decor and articulate our clients bold vision of bringing his street food experiences together under one roof.


We focused on maintaining balance between a modern, and well-travelled feel during our design process, utilizing the interior details of the space for inspiration.
— Kasia, Creative Director

After a briefing on the vision of the restaurant’s interior and menu plans, we wanted to emulate the authentic and rustic look of the space, combined with the sleek, modern white granite bar. The rooster is an iconic symbol of both Asian and Latin cultures, and became a necessity in the logo design. Mixing clean & distressed fonts with a simple menu, print advertising and social media graphic design gave us the opportunity to play with unique elements on business cards, and throughout the website. 

During website design process, we focused on a clean and modern aesthetic, with special attention the interior details and atmosphere tell the story behind The Merchant Kitchen’s dining experience. We amplified the authenticity of their food, decor details of the room through photography and film. 

Toque Agency, The Merchant Kitchen, Winnipeg, Interior Tables and Chairs.
Toque Agency: The Merchant Kitchen, Winnipeg, Interior.
Toque Agency: The Merchant Kitchen, Winnipeg, Bar.

Photos: Gerry Grajewski Photography

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