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Graphic Design. Video Project Management + Creative Direction.



ECCOE promotes and provides independent, Interpreter and Intervenor services throughout the province of Manitoba. Serving the community since 1982, they specialize in ASL/English interpretation, Deaf Interpreters, Intervenors for Deaf-Blind individuals and more. They are a not-for-profit organization that strives to ensure that equitable services are available province-wide. 


ECCOE required an online presence that was simple for clients to navigate, with a focus on ease of accessibility for Deaf and Deaf-Blind individuals. It was important to communicate critical information through a clean design, and for users to access ECCOE's online booking service with minimal navigation. Accessibility features within the design includes large view pages, and videos in ASL with captioning to communicate important information. We directed a brand photography session with portraits of ECCOE's staff and Board of Directors, and met the challenge of capturing sign language in still frame for website photo assets. In addition, it was crucial to our client that their diverse roots and colourful history were communicated. We curated and compacted over 30 years of history into a company infographic.

Toque Agency: ECCOE ASL Photography & Graphics
Toque Agency: ECOOE, Canadian Museum for Human Rights. 
Toque Agency: ECCOE ASL. 
Toque Agency: ECCOE ASL Sign for Interpreter.
Toque Agency: ECCOE, ASL.
Toque Agency: ECCOE, ASL Photography
Toque Agency: ECCOE Staff Photography

Photos: Pantel Photography